1972 MG B GT Costello V8 MK1 3,500cc For Sale - £22,950

Very rare MK1 Costello V8

Genesis for the MG B V8, shoehorning the Rover V8 into the MGB GT was the brain child of Ken Costello, an idea so good and a product so well executed that it was copied by MG themselves.

Of the 225 Costello V8s 190 of them were GT bodied.

A decision was taken in the early 2000s that the best way to make repairs to the body was to replace it entirely, a replacement shell was sourced and the major mechanical parts were transferred to it. Unfortunately what remained of the original shell was destroyed by fire in 2003.
There is a signed certificate of authenticity from Ken Costello in the accompanying history file.

140mph speedometer
Rear boot spoiler
Competition clutch with additional servo
New bucket seats
Correct MK1 Costello bonnet bulge
Boot spoiler
Minilite wheels
Rally spotlights

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