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Chassis Number TA2095
Engine Number APR-382384

Originally used as a police car by the Lancashire Police Force this car was then sold to a Canadian serviceman in 1943 and at the end of the war was taken by him back to Canada.
In 1970 the car was purchased by an American and underwent a light restoration - he then kept the MG until 2013.
It was repainted about 20 years ago and retains a charming patina
Registered in 1938, this MG TA was originally registered to Lancaster Police Department and is mentioned in the book 'MG's On Patrol'. This handsome car eventually found its way back to the UK shores, where it has created substantial interest ex-Police cars are always highly sought after and one that is 78 years old is rare and highly desirable. Police MG's had higher performance engines.
The TA was the first of a line of T series MG cars to span two eras of pre and postwar motoring. There were to be five models in all A-F, and they were the last of the traditional MG sports cars. The new TA was longer and wider than its predecessor, the P-Type Midget the car was also much more comfortable and roomier and had the luxury of hydraulic brakes. The quality and straightforward design soon won over the stalwart overhead camshaft brigade as the TA had kept all the most desirable features and the larger engine provided much more pulling power throughout the range. This ensured that the car held its own in competition whilst the roomier body and improved and more comprehensive weather equipment made the car altogether a more exciting prospect for touring. Unlike many of its predecessors, the TA was only available as a two-seater, and the car remained virtually unchanged throughout its production life.

Has recently undergone reconditioning work which includes, 3 new wire spoke wheels and tyres, the hood had been recovered in mohair and also has a new replacement Tonneau cover.
Orignal jack and some tools in place in tool box.
Drives very well, original rare engine runs sweetly.

History file with original Instruction Manual and registration details for the MGTA Police Registry

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