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1968 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 Left Hand Drive Sold - £POA

Rebuild Specification;

Jaguar E-Type Roadster 1e16926. Carmin red with black interior Body No. 4e8973, Engine No. 7e15972-9, Gearbox No. ee-2526 (matching numbers)

Body & Electrical;

New bonnet with original triplex headlamp covers fitted. Much stainless steel was used in re-assembly, all parts re-plated in cadmium, white and yellow zinc as appropriate. Even hidden parts such as window winder assembly, and petrol filler cover spring were plated. In addition, a lot of powder coating was carried out including rear suspension cage assembly, springs, torsion bars, reaction plate, radiator fans and wiper motor housings, radius arms, vacuum tank, oil filter, headlight casings, balance link springs, steering shaft, radiator stone guard, fan brackets, battery support bracket, and brake dust shields. Ash tray, choke & heater knobs were finished in powder coat wrinkle finish, with Hammertone powdercoat used as required.

A new windscreen and side windows were fitted, including seals and rubbers. Within the bulkhead stainless steel heater & vacuum pipes were installed.

The a new leather interior kit has been fitted. All chrome has been re-plated using a triple plating process, and new light lenses were fitted. The transmission shaft tunnel has been insulated. A new wiring harness has been installed. New glass and seals were fitted in speedometer, rev-counter and other gauges. The rev-counter was rebuilt to operate accurately with the fitted electronic ignition. Led bulbs were installed for much cooler & better instrument illumination. The petrol pump was replaced.

The car has a new, black mohair hood and hood cover.

The underneath of the car has not been undercoated with any rubber type products. Wheel wells and under panels of car are painted, rather than loaded with undercoat. All cast aluminium was glass beaded and clear coated with high temp spray, all original clamps were glass beaded and re-plated. Custom made sun visors to provide good glare protection have been installed. Seat belts have been re-webbed with correct webbing and rare Hickok buckles. A new dash top has been fitted.


The Engine has been totally re-built with block hot dipped, rings, bearings, s/s exhaust valves, seals, timing chains, etc., cooling fans, oil pump, alternator, starter, wiper motor, and water pump have all been rebuilt. The radiator was re-cored with a high efficiency core. A new electric fan was added in front of the radiator as primary cooling fan. The other two are wired for manual operation only. A Pertronic electronic ignition and coil are fitted. Highly polished triple SU Carburettors are in place plus jet coated exhaust manifolds. Stainless steel exhaust system is fitted with s/s heat shields, s/s studs to intake and exhaust manifolds and also header down pipes. The fuel tank is also new.


New synchromesh and seals have been fitted in the gearbox. All new greaseable type, universal joints have been fitted to the propeller and half shafts. A new clutch and release bearing were fitted along with new differential seals and new bearings and seals in rear hubs. Five new stainless steel wire wheels with new 205/65 Kuhmo tyres are in place.


New bushes, powder coat link arms, sway-bars, radius arms, ball joints, tie rod ends, radius arm bushings, wheel bearings, seals, cadmium plated upper and lower wishbones, rear shock absorbers have been fitted, along with a reconditioned steering rack.


All new discs are in place, with all wheel cylinders sleeved in s/s including master (brass), server and clutch. All pipes are in stainless steel, including clutch and fuel lines. There are also covered stainless steel flexible pipes at the wheels and remote bleeders are installed for the rear brakes.

It would be hard to think of anything else that could be done to this car without moving away from its core originality.

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