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Daimler Ferret Scout Tank Sold - £POA

Daimler Ferret Scout Car FV700 MK2.

Fitted with Rolls Royce 4260cc b60 petrol engine and fluid flywheel automatic transmission, these popular armoured cars are a joy to drive on the open road and are always a popular attraction at shows.

Our example comes with it's military history from new, detailing its repairs and regiments it served with and recent service with the household Calvary. It is fitted with a late desirable upgrade which is the turret containing a GPMG 60-20 machine gun attached to a sighting periscope which moves with the replica gun complete with deactivated ammunition .

There are many accessories including machine gun transit case, various ammunition boxes, hand tools, sand channel, fire extinguishers, jerry can, periscopes, drivers spare screen with wiper, tow chain, shovel, pick and three antennae one of which has a Calvary pennant. There are driver and commander helmets included which connect to the untested internal intercom system.

It is road registered and is historic vehicle tax class. Please call for more information.

Packing, shipping, air freight economically priced and arranged to your door.

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