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1971 Ford Cortina Savage 3.0 Automatic Estate Sold - £POA

The British racing driver and race tuning specialist Jeff Uren ordered this car in 1971 for conversion to Savage 3.0 specification.

This is one of only two Savage estates ever built, and was used by Jeff Uren as his perusal car for 20 years.

Included in the highly detailed service history is a fascinating notebook, hand written by Uren, detailing all mileages and services of the car up until 1979, as well as the original Ford Cortina owners handbook and Savage conversion invoices.

The car received a £30,000 comprehensive restoration in 2001.


  • Lotus gauges

  • Racing bucket seats

  • Alloy racing wheels

  • Electric kenlowe cooling fan

    Can be converted to manual transmission if required.

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